Thursday 13 December 2012

Don’t change the channel – I’m getting an education!

Whether it’s soccer, rugby, cricket, Formula 1 or one of a thousand other sports, most people have a love for at least one kind of sport. No matter what sport you enjoy participating in or watching, each one has some kind of educational value attached to it.

Being a serious sport spectator means that you are not only enjoying the entertainment on show, but you are actually working out some pretty complicated things in your head as you’re watching. For example, cricket fans are able to work out batting averages and how many runs are needed per over for a side to win without breaking a sweat.

For sports such as soccer and rugby, both firm favourites among South Africans, maths does not feature as much as strategy. In fact, they bear certain similarities to another sport that is best-known for its intense need for strategic thinking, chess.

Sport has been proven to improve cognitive functioning and academic ability, which is why it enjoys such an important place in the educational system in most parts of the world.

So the next time someone complains that you watch too much sport, you can tell them you’re getting an education!

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