Friday 14 June 2013

Celebrating Students – Youth Day 16 June 2013

On 16 June the entire nation celebrates Youth Day to commemorate the Soweto Riots that claimed so many lives and remind us annually of the importance of our youth. Intended to remind us of the constitutional right to adequate and equal education, Youth Day also seeks to make young people in a free South Africa more conscious of the sacrifices made by other young people so that they can enjoy the benefits of a better education, opportunities, safer home environments and health care.

This year, Eduloan would like to salute our leaders of tomorrow, celebrating their potential by empowering them through education and encouraging them to make wise choices to support a sustainable future.

2013 has been declared Year of The Artisan. The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness amongst South African youth about career opportunities that will help gain skilled workers in the areas where there might be a lack of certain skills that can contribute directly to the development of South Africa. By focusing on skill-based education, the department of education can ensure that we have artisans to support and sustain our economic and infrastructure development. Examples of these types of occupations include plumbers and electricians amongst others.

By supporting students’ passion, abilities and skills, South Africa can empower its future leaders to unlock their potential. Eduloan has empowered thousands of South Africans to unlock their potential and start realising their dreams. To date we have awarded over 700 000 study loans.  We understand the real costs of education and offer study loans which cover not only the course fees, but additional expenses such as textbooks, registration fees and educational tools such as tablets and laptops. In addition, Eduxtras, our unique bursary management tool, will allow you to manage and allocate bursary funds for specific needs such as books, accommodation food and more, ensuring that your funds are spent appropriately.  

If you would like to unlock your potential you can visit our website (, like our page on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@EduloanSA).
If you, as the future youth of South Africa have a story to share, you can enter our Not Just A Student Number competition by telling us how you have made a difference or how you have empowered yourself to make a difference to your future. If your article stands out from the rest, you could bag win R1 000 in cash.

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