Friday 14 September 2012

“Working towards success”: interview with the winner of the One Day Is Today competition

We recently ran a competition on our Facebook page called the “One Day Is Today” competition, which focused on inspiring not only students but also every South African to never give up on their dreams and aspirations.

In the competition, we asked students to tell us why they deserved the prize, and although it was an incredibly difficult decision from the hundreds of entries we received, it was Vincent Olebogeng Sehume’s submission that the judges felt deserved to be picked as the winner:

“I am a first year student at North West University studying industrial psychology and human resource management. I cannot find a bursary and my parents are struggling to pay my tuition fee, my father is the bread winner hence I relied on him and he is not earning enough to provide the whole family and pay my tuition fees. We are a family of 11. My sister is studying long distance and she also relies on my father to pay her fees. I don’t even know how Iam going to pay my tuition fees at the end of this year. I’m a hard worker but I cannot focus on my studies because I’m always stressed about the situation I’m in. I sometimes think about dropping out and looking for a job just to make some money to pay my tuition fees. My dream is to finish my studies and make the world a better place for everyone.

South Africa is a nation with potential; we can make use of opportunities available including quality education in order to become successful. I believe that by empowering the young South Africans by educating them, we are working towards success.”

We caught up with Vincent recently to find out how the iPad2 and a bursary to the value of R15,000 would help him make his own dreams a reality.

Eduloan: Vincent, we were obviously very impressed with your heartfelt entry into our One Day Is Today competition. What was your reaction when you heard you had been chosen as the winner?

Vincent: I jumped for joy! I was so excited that I was actually speechless. I’d been struggling with my University fees so I was extremely thankful that I had won the competition.

Eduloan: How are the bursary and the iPad going to help you to go ahead with your studies? 

Vincent: As I said, I had been struggling with paying my tuition and making ends meet, so the money came in really handy. It brought about a great change in my life! The iPad is so useful; it’s assisting me in my studies through online research and taking notes in class. It’s really streamlined my studying routine. 

Eduloan: Why did you choose to study industrial psychology and human resource management and where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Vincent: I’m really interested in everything dealing with HR and industrial psychology. I love the fact that I can contribute to an organization's success by improving the performance, satisfaction and well-being of employees. I’m particularly interested in entrepreneurship and I want to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur after I’ve gained enough work experience. I’d like to open a wholesale retail outlet.

Eduloan: Who would you say is your inspiration and role model?

Vincent: I frequently read business magazines for inspiration. I love reading about how entrepreneurs started their businesses. One of my role models is Patrice Motsepe, the mining magnate. I think it’s amazing that he came from such a humble background and elevated himself the way he did. It illustrates that if you work hard anything is possible.

Eduloan: What advice would you give to students when it comes to attaining a degree?

Vincent: I’d advise students to take their studies seriously as education is the key to success. If you put in the hard work now you’ll reap the rewards. Another important thing to remember is that you should invest your time wisely, don’t procrastinate!

We’re exceptionally proud to have made a contribution to Vincent’s life which will aid him in successfully qualifying with a degree. How many times have you had to put your dreams on hold because of obstacles in your way? Have you sacrificed the “you” that you could have been because you had to make someone or something else a priority?

At Eduloan we recognise the courage and determination of South Africans to make the most of themselves despite the odds being against them. Watch the One Day Is Today video above to find out more and keep an eye on our Facebook page for the next competition coming soon!

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