Friday 27 February 2015

Investing in education is essential to a country’s sustainability

How does education impact the long term sustainable of generations?
Sustainability is about knowing how to constantly evolve yourself, and those around you for future organisational requirements.

It’s about having the knowledge and understanding of social elements, such as the importance of social justice and its impact on employee wellbeing.

‘Education for sustainable development is a life-wide and life-long learning endeavour which challenges individuals, institutions and societies to view tomorrow as a day that belongs to all of us, or it will not belong to anyone.’ (UNESCO, 2004:9)

The knowledge we need in order to create sustainability is all about innovation, progression and flexibility. It’s about making the right decisions on all fronts to improve the world for ourselves and the generations to follow us.

 How do we work towards a sustainable future?

Self and community investments today, ensure that profitable organisations are built. Legacy companies are moulded from the “blood, sweat and tears” of the previous workforce.

By dedicating time and energy into acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills, individuals are able to provide the building blocks for sustainable businesses.

Education is the key to building a brighter future for us and our children.

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