Thursday 12 February 2015

Three main trends changing the face of education in 2015

2014 was a crucial year in the ever-changing course of education in South Africa. It saw further technological advancements which enabled more learners’ access to schooling systems.

It also saw changes in the curriculum and the introduction of the ‘ACTION PLAN TO 2014: TOWARDS THE REALISATION OF SCHOOLING 2025’, a plan released by the country’s  Education Departments to achieve 27 set goals and improve education in South Africa by 2025.

To view the complete ‘ACTION PLAN TO 2014’, visit:

So what is in store for education in the year on 2015?

Here are the main educational trends to look forward to:

1: Skill based learning

In the last few years the evolution of learning has led to more than traditional methods, hence gamification making such an impact on digital forms of learning.

Numerous learning institutions are now focusing on a hands-on approach. This involves more than just knowledge; it incorporates experience and skills development.

Traditional learning will not be replaced by skill based learning in 2015, but rather the convergence of the two in order to assist learners in developing the relevant knowledge and skills-set to be effective in their chosen professions.

2: Learning to go mobile

The developments in digital learning have completely evolved the educational system. Learners are now not restricted to learning in classrooms but can access digital learning systems from various mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Video tutorials and lecture videos are available to be viewed 24/7 and although e-learning is not new to 2015, advancements in learning programs, connectivity and mobile devices are quickly allowing more individuals access to education.

3: Learning at your own pace

Traditional schooling is categorised by structured curriculums. Learners of a specific age are allocated a certain grade with a set time frame to complete the set curriculum.

While this is generalised to accommodate most students, it does not always work for everyone. Individuals work at a different pace and therefore adjust to subject requirements easier than others.

e-learning, some teachers and institutions offer students the opportunity to work at their own pace and complete a set curriculum before a required date.

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Written by Jared Milne

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