Friday 20 February 2015

How to adequately prepare you for your career

The day you spread your wings and start your career will come quicker than you think. So the question is, how do you prepare to ensure that you are ready on that day?

Through your years of studying you might have set long-term goals of where you want to be in 10 years, but how are you going to get there?

Here are some simple steps to help you prepare

Step 1: Keep current

Constantly be aware of the trends and developments in your future industry. Learn the history behind it, understand the major developments happening now and projected changes in the future.

Being informed helps you stand out from other individuals in the same profession and will ensure that you are prepared for future interviews.

Subscribe to industry journals, newsletters, read industry- related blog articles and follow experts/specialists on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Step 2: Build a network

Network building is the best way to learn about any profession. Make an effort to build new networks by attending seminars, focus groups and discussion forums.

The digital age has also brought with it online network opportunities in order to gain a more global perspective. Your lectures/professors and fellow classmates will always be your base point when it comes to building your network.

These established networks can lead to future career opportunities.

Step 3: Constantly build up your portfolio

Your CV and portfolio are key deciding factors that can set you apart from your peers.

Your portfolio should reflect your insights on your chosen profession; your qualifications that would outline your credibility in the industry and your experience (practical exposure to the industry dynamics through vacation work or internships).

A good letter of recommendation from your references (such as teachers or lecturers) will assist with pushing your portfolio to the top of the pile. Teachers and lectures have the insight and connections to help open doors for you to more industry opportunities.

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Step 4: Develop a good attitude

A key to finding a good job, capitalising on opportunities and being the best you can be, is developing a good attitude. Develop a good attitude now, so that you can carry your positivity and optimism forward into your future job.

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