Wednesday 3 October 2012

South African women are the primary financiers of education

"Educate a girl, and you educate a village," an African proverb goes. This saying just goes to show how much the determination of women to educate themselves and their families makes a difference to the levels of education in South Africa.

Since its inception in 1996, Eduloan has granted over 620,000 loans. On average, 52% of these loans have been awarded to women, but what is more interesting is that in the last three years alone, this figure has increased sharply to 62%, the women either taking loans for their own studies or sponsoring a dependent’s education.

"As Eduloan, we are proud to be transforming the lives of not just individuals but families and communities," says Totsie Memela-Khambula, CEO of Eduloan. "We are particularly proud of the women who take the initiative to change their lives for the better, thereby taking charge of their destinies. It is our belief that it is never too late to realise your dream and help others do the same, and we exist to enable people to access education opportunities."

Since 1996, Eduloan has disbursed over R3-billion in educational loans to men and women to help them and their dependants further their studies.

Memela-Khambula says the company is determined to make sure that more women are able to access opportunities to educate themselves.

"We have recently launched a marketing campaign to start a movement to encourage South Africans to take charge of their destinies. As the campaign emphasises, the time is now for those wanting a better life to make that dream come true."

She says Eduloan is here to help, "and no one understands education needs like Eduloan does".

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