Thursday 31 October 2013

Keep Your 2014 Registration High On Your Priority List

Whether you are enrolling your child into school, just got accepted to your chosen college or received your letter of acceptance from your chosen university, you will be faced with the registration process sooner, rather than later. This week we take a look at why registration is important, no matter where you are studying:

Scholars generally register well ahead of the academic year. If your child is attending grade 1, you might have had to pay your deposit before a deadline or you have until the start of the 2014 first school term to do so.

College students
Many colleges require you to register in the December prior to the start of your academic year.

University students
Many of these institutions will require you to pay a registration fee when you register. This often acts like a deposit for your studies and can even be a term’s school fees in advance or a percentage of your study fees.

Many people forget that they will have to cover these expenses and run into problems during the registration process… remember to confirm the registration details of your school, college or university and to make sure that you have funds available at the time of registration.

#TIP: Plan in advance. Ask the right questions and save money to ensure that you complete the registration process as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you do not have to pay penalties for late registration, or worse, miss registration all together.

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