Friday 15 November 2013

Studying A B.Com – What Does It Mean And What Can You Do?

Many prospective and current students are talking about studying a B.Com. But what does that mean? Should you be studying it? What career can you follow if you study a B.Com degree? This week we take a look at the B.Com degree, answering your questions and looking at how this degree can unlock your potential!

What does B.Com stand for?
B.Com is a short term generally used for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. A B.Com generally consists of a collection of subjects that you can choose from, should you like to specialise (or major) in a certain interest field. Here is a short list of some of the specialised fields:
  • B.Com in Accounting Science
  • B.Com in Investment Management
  • B.Com in Quantitative Management
  • B.Com in Business Management
  • B.Com in Economics
  • B.Com in Banking
  • B.Com in Law

A B.Com programme offers you the opportunity to become a public or private sector expert, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to focus on economics and business management.

What careers options are available to B.Com graduates?
Career options for B.Com graduates are plenty and not limited to only one or two career paths. Many B.Com graduates become accountants, auditors, information system officers, taxation specialists, marketing managers or customer relationship officers. Your role in the company could also vary from management to business planning, development and quality management or marketing. You can practice in the public or private sector and your skill does not have to be applied directly to banking or auditing. If you are interested in the fashion industry, you can still apply your skill to it by becoming an accountant at a retail brand for instance. 

What are the benefits of studying a B.Com degree?
There are several benefits of studying a B.Com degree. Here are just a few reasons you should consider a B.Com degree:
  • Most B.Com degrees give you an opportunity to study the general degree initially before choosing your stream or major. This allows you to gage where your strengths are and what stream or major interests you most
  • Career opportunities are not limited and that means that you have many opportunities as a B.Com graduate
  • A B.Com degree is a great degree to prepare you to work in the public or the private sector
  • As a B.Com graduate you are well equipped to work for a company or to excel as an entrepreneur

Where can I sign-up?
Entrance requirements for a B.Com degree include Matric exemption. You will have to have Mathematics as one of your Matric subjects, plus two languages (of which one should be English). It is however very important to confirm the specific entrance requirements of the B.Com degree offered at your chosen tertiary institution. B.Com degrees are generally offered at universities and colleges.

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