Thursday 15 January 2015

How to actively immerse yourself in your studies

From the moment you step into your first lecture, there is urgent need  to succeed. Your career aspirations and attitude towards  learning should not diminish with the increasing pressures of student life.

As you adjust to  campus lifestyle, your success is based on how you are able to balance lectures and social life. The ultimate goal is to gain a qualification, with lifelong friendship being an added bonus. A successful educational journey is all about consistency and accountability. One needs to be able to achieve both career and personal goals.

Immersing yourself during your tertiary education period requires both discipline and sacrifice. By constantly having the end in mind (getting that degree/diploma), you will be able to prioritise study schedules and course requirements.  
where does the passion for learning go? How do you continue with the  principles you would have developed in high school, when in a tertiary institution?

The learning cycle happens throughout all life stages. Sometimes your passion for learning will take a dip, but it’s now time to bring it back to life! It’s time to start learning, not because you have to  but because you are truly interested and want to know more.

How can you do this? Actively immerse yourself in your studies!
Strong Time Management:
Try to make your courses a part of your everyday life. Interact with like-minded individuals and attend industry workshops/seminars. The learning process is not only about the gathering information, but also the application of such knowledge. It is through learning more about your chosen profession, that you are able to map out your future career.

Actively learn:
You will learn  quickly that tertiary institutions  are very different to high school. There will not be teachers running after you to make sure you’ve done your homework. It is up to you! Your success is purely based on the amount of effort you are willing to put. Your attitude towards your studies over the next three years will determine how effectively you achieve your goals. Participation is encouraged by lecturers and group assignments foster a culture of teamwork/peer reviews.
The best way to actively learn is to ask questions. Ask as many questions as possible. Remember, the person who  gets all the answers is the one who asks the questions.  Have the courage to ask, knowing that there is someone knowledgeable enough to give you a response.

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