Thursday 8 January 2015

5 tips to conquering your first year of university

This is an exciting time. There will be a lot of get used to in the beginning but by next year you’ll be a pro.
Your first year of student life is all about adjusting to on-campus student life, time management and course work.
Below we have put together some simple tips to help you conquer your first year at university.  

Tip 1: Orientation is key
Learn how your university works. Get to know the ins and outs of how to use the library, cafeteria and shortcuts to your classes. These can make everyday university life easier.

Tip 2: Be early and consistent with attendance of lecturers
Lecturers often start off their lectures with announcements about their specific subjects so be sure to get there on time.

Tip 3: Know yourself and know what you want
It can be difficult at first to know which subjects to choose but a key thing to keep in mind is to be self-aware and really drill down to what you want.
After your first semester, you might find that you have had a change in heart about your subject choices. That is OK and is quite common. Just research your new path and make sure you want to move in that direction. Speak to your lecturers and get advice on what would be the best for you.

Tip 4: Be a diligent student
Make sure you know the evaluation requirements for each course. Courses often include mandatory workshops, field trips and practical hours you’ll need to complete in order to advance to the next semester or year.  

Tip 5: Your future is in your hands now
University is very different to high school. You are responsible for managing your time and making sure that all of your work is completed and handed-in when it’s due.
If you miss any lectures, make sure that you can catch up on the work that you missed. Also read through your study material before your classes so that you are familiar with it before your lecture starts.

Remember that keeping up with your studies is a lot easier than having to catch up.
Take charge and push yourself. If you apply yourself and work hard, you will succeed.

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