Friday 13 March 2015

How to be an effective corporate citizen

Being effective in any job requires discipline, consistency and strong business acumen. Employers are looking to hire employees who are extraordinary and exceptional...not your average passenger through life.

 A company’s success has a direct correlation with the calibre of employees they have. Your focus over the next couple of years is to moulded into an employable asset, one that companies would fight for in order  to be on their team.

Being ambitious and working hard at being the change in your future career is how you will achieve success. But there are 3 very important things that you need to remember when striving to become an effective corporate citizen in your future job.

Tip 1: Be prepared for change
As you move from student life to the corporate environment, change is inevitable. Be prepared for it. Understanding the people dynamics in the workplace will help you navigate through your career path. 

From the people that you work with to understanding business processes, you need to be prepared to learn and adapt to these new surroundings.

Your attitude guides your progression in the workplace. First impressions last, so be on time and ready to contribute to defined business objectives. Once you understand the organisational culture, you will be able to adapt to the environment and find synergies between your own personal brand and the company.

Tip 2: Seek Guidance/Mentorship
When starting your job, there will be many new processes and systems that you will need to get used to. Each company is run differently and has their own set of rules, regulations and systems. Things are easier to understand and follow if you know the reason behind them.

Tip 3: There is no substitute for a good attitude
Having a good attitude goes beyond being the first one in the office and the last one to leave. It’s about staying positive and optimistic about your work and encouraging the people around you.

Find the positive in every situation and strive to always do your best. Many people forget how lucky they are to have their jobs and become complacent. You can make a difference in your industry simply through your passion for hard work and striving to make the best of every opportunity!

Are you ready to start taking the steps to being the change in your future job?

Being an effective corporate citizen requires continuous learning and development.

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