Monday 2 July 2012


Hello and welcome to the new Eduloan blog!

As experts in education finance, we always make sure that we keep our finger on the pulse of education in South Africa. With our passionate and dedicated team Eduloan is committed to helping all South Africans to truly unlock their potential.

We’ll be discussing topics that are informative and relevant to everyone who has an interest in furthering themselves academically and believes, like we do, that entire communities can be empowered and uplifted by education. And we think that these things should interest all South Africans!

We’ll be sharing all sorts of informative content, such as video interviews, insights into how access to tertiary education affects communities, the job market and South Africa as a whole, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with news from the exhibitions, conferences and events that we are attending!

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Wherever you decide to engage with us we welcome your feedback, opinions and suggestions!

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