Wednesday 11 July 2012

Reflections from Education Week 2012 – our interview with Antoinette Norman

The GM National Sales for Eduloan, Antoinette Norman, recently attended the African Education Week Expo 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre. We asked her about her insights into the development of education in South Africa and her overall impression of the conference.

Highlights from the interview:

Q: What was your overall impression of Education Week and what did you take away from it?

AN: It was my first impression, it was the first time I attended the event. I was ecstatic to see students as well as business partners in the education sector come together on one platform and collaborate with each other. I managed to integrate with a lot of the stakeholders that I deal with and it’s allowed me to form a thorough understanding of how the various stakeholders work together with one vision and that is to make South Africa a better country for education.

Q: Are there any big policy changes on the horizon for tertiary education and what will they mean for the student or corporate client?

AN: Government has mandated a huge portion of the national budget towards education. With this mindset, education will become easily accessible, and affordable, to all people wanting to study further. I noticed that more bursars are coming on board, in order to fund education, and that is from all aspects of tertiary levels, including your FETs and universities, and that is where we come into play and we are an arm to financing students and making that a reality.

Q: How is Eduloan enabling greater access to education?

AN: Eduloan is at the forefront of servicing the reality of education. We’re not just a finance provider; we’re unlocking potential in each South African in order to expand their knowledge and skills in all aspects of their lives – and that will affect the country as a whole. We come into play at the very forefront of the person wanting to study further and wanting to push themselves to greater heights.

Watch the clip below for the full interview:

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