Tuesday 24 July 2012

Reflections from Education Week 2012 – our interview with Michelle Branco

We caught up with Eduloan’s Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, Michelle Branco, to give us her views on the recent African Education Week Expo 2012 and Eduloan’s One Day is Today campaign.

We’ve split the interview into 6 parts so you can view each one as an answer to the questions we asked. Scroll down to see the videos – they’re a must watch!

Q: What was your overall impression of Education Week and what did you take away from it?

Q: How accessible is new classroom technology going to be in reality and do you think it’s possible to address the digital divide?

Q: We believe you were presenting at the conference – what topic did you discuss?

Q: Do you believe that South Africa’s education woes are going to come to an end any time soon – e.g. do you believe that the poverty-stricken who live in rural areas will one day have better access to education?

Q: Eduloan has recently started a campaign called One Day is Today – can you explain a little bit more about the objectives behind it?


Q: Lastly, how does one know when it’s time for a career change? For instance, what made you decide to make the transition from the telecommunications industry into education?

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