Monday 6 August 2012

Who’s your Woman of the Year?

What makes a strong woman?

We think that strength, determination, hope, courage and faith can be found in all women.

But who is the strongest woman in your opinion this year? Is she a public figure who stands up for human rights? Is she a single mother who takes two jobs to put her children through school? Is she an academic who is contributing to the country’s knowledge base? Is she a community leader who battles poverty among her neighbours? Is she a teacher with a difference who educates the next generation?

Our country is fortunate to have many female role models to inspire the young women who we hope will go forth and become the next generation of women to help South Africa progress as a country.

If you could nominate any South African woman, irrespective of her status in society, who would that woman be? A woman of high moral standing, she should be a born leader and have the ability to inspire the nation with her unwavering determination – who should be South Africa’s Woman of the Year?

We’ll be accepting nominations via the comments section of this blog, via Twitter with the #WOTY hashtag and on our Facebook wall – get nominating, South Africa! Just tell us who you nominate and why you think she deserves the honorary title of Eduloan’s Woman of the Year 2012.

We'll pick five of the strongest nominees and open them up to a public vote next week!

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