Thursday 2 May 2013

Matrics of 2013, Are You Prepared For 2014?

It’s your matric year and you are faced with tight deadlines - the looming exams, heaps of administrative paperwork, trying to enjoy time with family and friends, participating in extra-curricular activities as well as preparing for the Matric Dance. Whether you really want to enjoy your final year of school or whether you are looking forward to getting this year behind you, we have three steps to make sure that you are ready for 2014:

Step 1: Set Goals for Yourself
Matric is a busy year, most students aim to ensure they live in the moment while preparing for the future. Plan in advance and set yourself goals to make sure you keep up with everything you need to.
For example:
-       I want to summarise chapters 1 to 6 of my biology textbook by Friday
-       Make a list of institutions where I can study by 31 May 2013
-       I would like to achieve 5% more on my mathematics preliminary exam
Work towards these goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. This will help you to maintain balance and keep exam stress under control.

Step 2: Compile A Calendar To Mark Important Dates
By adding important dates to a calendar or diary, you can plan ahead and avoid missing deadlines or being caught off-guard, causing unnecessary stress. List important dates associated with your 2013 academic year as well as dates that mark deadlines that will affect your 2014 academic year:
For example:
-       Matric preliminary and final exam dates
-       Dates for university or college open day’s
-       University or college application deadlines
-       Entrance exam deadlines

Step 3: Understand What Comes Next

Visit your career counselor at school or make contact with a university or college career counselor to discuss your options. A career counselor can also help if you do not know what courses to take to get all your credits for a certain degree, diploma or certification. You might choose to take an aptitude test (ap·ti·tude test. noun. A test designed to determine a person's ability in a skill or field of knowledge) to assess your interests and skills. Make use of Eduloan’s free Career Aptitude test to assess your skills and interests, which will give you an indication of the type of career that you are best fitted for. We cannot guarantee that this fun assessment will match you with your perfect career, but it is a wonderful tool to narrow down your choices and open avenues that you might never have thought to explore!


Once you know what you would like to study, you can research tertiary institutions to find out what courses are on offer, what the application prerequisites are and what process you need to follow in order to apply (some courses might require certain subjects, community service hours or a portfolio for example).

Once you have made these decisions, you can contact Eduloan to discuss a study loan that is tailored to your needs. Applying for a study loan early, means that you will be able to gain approval before your registration fees are due, easing the pressure during your final exams. We even offer you a chance to apply for a loan to cover your registration fee to make sure all the costs associated with your studies are covered!

The checklist below will make sure that you stay on top of your administration for 2014:
þ I have completed the Eduloan aptitude test and visited a career counselor to get the career advice I require to unlock my potential
þ I have compiled a list of tertiary institutions that offer the courses I require for my chosen field of study and selected the ones that I would like to apply to
þ I have researched the prerequisites for my degree, diploma or qualification and I meet all of these requirements (remember that every university, collage or training school will have their own application requirements)
þ I have all the open days, application deadlines and entry exam dates noted in my diary
þ I have completed all of the application forms and prepared all of the supporting documents, portfolios, community service or work experience required for applying for my line of study
þ I have applied to the student residence of my choice
þ I have contacted Eduloan to speak to a consultant about personalising my study loan to ensure that I have funds to cover my study fees, accommodation, my textbooks and a laptop or tablet

We wish you all the best for your matric exams and hope that these tips will help you prepare to the best of your ability. 

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