Thursday 30 May 2013

Wanting More

Lerato is the winner of our April Not just a Student number competition. See her winning blog below on our April theme: Wanting more.

I'm a first year student at University of South Africa, studying towards a bachelor’s degree in intermediate and senior phase Education.

The reality of life began after matric in 2012. I wanted more for the future, I began to see life with the naked eye, where I made decisions that will determine my future, where my social-life was nowhere to be found. In the words of my former Mathematics teacher, Ms Mabudu, "focus less on friends, after matric all will take their own path".

As a part-time student it’s never really an easy task, its takes someone with discipline and who knows how to manage their time, but after all I wanted something more challenging. At first, attending workshops with students old enough to be my parents and even grandparents, I felt like "Oh do I really belong here?” But gradually all turned out good, socialising with them helped me to develop mentally.

I always wanted to be in a field dealing with children, but didn't know what career to choose, until grade 12, my former English teacher Mr. N.A Mapodile, asked me to assist him in teaching. That was a life time opportunity! I feel so unique, because most people my age run away from this career and I'm chasing it.

I am not qualified to be a teaher yet, but that doesn't stop me because I want more. I recently joined the Gogo reading project in Daveyton Intermediate School. We offer our time to read books to learners every Friday. The people I'm working with are all qualified teachers, some even retired and that makes me so unique! I'm the youngest of all of them, studying and looking for experience.

I use every opportunity I get because I always want more. I do whatever it takes to be where I want to be and enjoy exploring things that will help me in future.

Student life prepares me for the future, I learn to be independent, how to approach challenges and problems and to take responsibility for my actions.


Lerato P Selepe

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