Thursday 11 July 2013

Interview – Eduloan speaks to Vincent Meyer, an Engineering Student

Ever wonder how some students seem to do so well in their studies, seemingly without too much effort? Today on the Eduloan blog we speak to Vincent Meyer, a student from the University of Johannesburg who recently achieved a degree in Engineering. He tells us how it’s done!

Q:  Firstly, tell us: were you always a boffin at school?
A:  I wouldn't call myself a boffin, but if you define a person that works hard and always tries their best as a boffin then yes, I am one.

Q:  Why did you decide to study what you are studying now and what are your career goals?
A:  I always wanted to become an engineer. From a young age, I always loved to play with things and pull them apart just to enjoy the process of putting it back together. My short term goal is to become a great engineer and to enjoy my work. My long term goals are to work as the head engineer at a well-known company.

Q:  What about your family, are they supportive of your studies? How do they help you?
A:  My family supports me in everything I do. Their support helped me throughout my school career and now also during my university studies. Through bad and good times, I can always talk to my parents and ask for their advice or just chat about things that are bothering me.

Q:  So what is your secret to getting good marks?
A:  Study hard and spend as much time as needed on your work. If needed, ask for help and don’t linger on something that you don’t understand.

Q: What was the transition like for you when you made the move from secondary to tertiary education?
A: To be honest the work load increased a great deal but with help from my family and friends, the transition was easier. I also had to put more time into my work and the rewards of great marks was well worth it!

Q:  Do you have a mentor or someone you can turn to for advice if things get a little bit too much?
A:  Yes, I have a friend that works as an engineer at the company that I work for part time. He is always there if I need assistance or help with my work. We also have family friends who are qualified engineers who often give me advice as well.

Q: What are your tips for memorising information?
A:  Break the work down into segments and explain it to yourself over and over again. This really worked well for me throughout high school and now at university.

Q: What’s your personal philosophy when it comes to work and study?
A:  Put the necessary hours in and you will reap the benefits!

Q: What about your social life? Do you make time for friends and family? What do you like to do in your free time?
A: I always make time for my social life; I believe it has to be balanced out. I love going out with my friends and having a good time. I also exercise and enjoy being active and in the outdoors.

Q:  Any final words of advice for all the students out there struggling with their marks?

A:  Never be afraid to ask for advice and guidance. A person who asks questions will get ahead in life than a person who struggles in silence. 

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