Thursday 23 January 2014

Studying A Bachelor In Social Science – Your Key To Becoming An Analytical Thinker

A Bachelor in Social Science degree prepares you for your workplace by challenging you to become an analytical thinker. Often a course offered by the Humanities department, this course is a three year undergraduate degree and you have the option to further your post graduate studies in your chosen major (the specific field).

What major’s do you get in Bachelor in Social Science?
You can choose to specialise in one of the following subjects:
·         Development Studies / Social Development
·         Economics
·         Gender Studies
·         Industrial Sociology
·         International Relations
·         Philosophy
·         Politics
·         Population Studies
·         Psychology
·         Public Policy and Administration
·         Religious Studies
·         Social Anthropology
·         Sociology

A Bachelor in Social Science programme offers you the opportunity to work in journalism, publishing, public relations, marketing, human resources, a position in training and development, public or civil services, psychology, counseling, social and community services, social welfare as well as a variety of administrative positions.

What are the benefits of studying a Bachelor in Social Science degree?
There are several benefits of studying a Bachelor in Social Science degree. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider it:
·         This degree offers subjects that deal with contemporary and relevant areas of study
·         You can choose your subjects and tailor your degree to suit your unique areas of interest or to support the career that you would like to follow.
·         The degree aims to prepare you to be able to communicate efficiently with professional and non-professional individuals and groups to be able to do sufficient research and devise development programmes in your chosen field
·         You will be able to analyse complex social problems and apply ethical principles to resolve possible issues
·         This programme will encourage you to think creatively and to apply perspective to solve problems in social sciences.

Where can I sign-up?
Entrance requirements for a Bachelor in Social Science degree include Matric exemption. Some universities or collages offer only a few of the majors mentioned here, although you will have to consider your university or collage carefully, depending on what you would like to specialise in. Once you have chosen your field, you can confirm the specific entrance requirements of the Bachelor in Social Science degree offered at your chosen tertiary institution.

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